Content - Sustainability

Business objectives and environmental protection are equally important.

The most important element of Echelon’s corporate policy is the equivalence of business objectives and environmental protection. To achieve these objectives, we have taken over this social responsibility to protect the vital natural resources of our environment and regard this as a challenge.

Based on DIN EN ISO 14001, we have built up an environmental management system and commit ourselves to observe all guidelines laid down by statutory and regulatory stipulations of environmental and health protection and to actively set new standards. 

In order to fulfill the responsibility for our activities – especially the environmentally relevant ones (–) and the responsibility towards our customers, the state and society, we established and laid down obligatory environmental principles for all employees.

As member of the German Paint Industry Association (Vela), we participate in the worldwide Responsible Care Initiative as part of our environmental management.

Our environmentally-conscious corporate principles are:

1. Setting environmentally conscious overall goals and the   promotion of continuous improvement measures in environmental protection are considered to be an important management task.

2. We encourage the environmental knowledge and consciousness of our employees by means of specific continuing education and training. Environmental protection demands responsible-minded actions from all employees.

3. As part of development, we evaluate the environmental effects of every new activity, every new product and every new process before introduction. Product assessment includes the entire life cycle.

4. By implementing the corresponding technical and organizational measures, we reduce emissions, water and energy consumption as well as waste accumulation. Through exact differentiated waste sorting for reutilization or disposal of the waste to be added, we ensure that reutilization will always come before disposal. The tiered principle “Preventing before Recycling, Recycling before Disposal” will be applied.

5. Organizational and technical measures are planned to prevent the release of energy or substances caused by accidents.

6. The effects of our present activities on our local environment and the health of employees are regularly checked, monitored, evaluated and reduced.

7. We regularly carry out environmental audits to ensure the success of our internal environmental protection so that we can test the effectiveness of our environmental policy and environmental protection measures. We want to identify weak points and optimize the effectiveness of the environmental management system through continuously improved methods. Measurement results are documented.

8. Corrective measures are established in all deviations from environmental objectives.